chill somewhere … lay around and breath in the warm air ..

every moment need something … so do …. \\–>><<–//

at five, followed by eight
disasters take over the ship …

… we all try to be strong … but sometimes it’s hard not to become completely crazy …

piano improvisation session … and the creation of a theme for a person that was special for some times in my life …

“trying to” (kindle water) is an accustic guitar and voice song.
singer-songwriter style…

the second ep. special thanks to jadwiga slesak for the complete artwork, and to unpicked netlabel
for the support from now on. Also thanks to all the people along the way!

… sometimes you meet special people. In the end, there are just a few songs … and nothing more.
this is my first ep. all sampels and recordings made by myself. thx for listening.

it’s so amazing, victor t has made a video to the first song “flash of energy”. thanks a lot.

Joev – Flash of Energy from Victor Treushchenko on Vimeo.

there are bad things happening every time … this a track about all these things …

a good friend of mine has made an awesome video.
it’s as crazy as the song is. thanks to victor t.

Maya from Victor Treushchenko on Vimeo.

i had a very good weekend with a friend … the advantage is he had a real piano … thanks to mp