we are so busy to work, ignore, slaughter, build weapons… we often try to see
the differences between humans. but we all can become true, we all can become
one mankind. without hate and deconstruction.

where is the place we can be like we want? what separates us from our dreams?
discover the forest of your dreams …

impressions from a world anchored deep inside every one … a world full of harm and terror but besides warm and cozy …
wool and sheep … cleaver or knife … decide yourself … who and what is worthy

some times poeple asked us to join a strange way. they speak out confusing invitations.
this song reflects the mood and feeling after such an invitation.

the first Remix I made. The Remix was produced it for a planned remix ep.
„taps“ is a song from feral & stray first album release . Mikrokleinstgarten
is a berlin based label that initiate the „Feral & Stray – Gœt Carried Away“ – remix ep.
it’s an honor to be part of it.

this is the first live set. a mixed set including most of the tracks from 2014.
it was live performed at the „tharantula festival“ in august 2014.

the 3rd ep. it takes a long time to end this chapter of my life… it is out of the pocket now, and it feels good. come and follow the path down closer in a world full of variety. have fun listen to: clsr
special thanks to: antonia doing the cover artwork.

download: https://joev.bandcamp.com/album/clsr

clsr ep front cover

clsr ep front cover

clsr (cover back)

it is a recorded piano improvisation from my living room. the theme is the original one from „joev – commander“. this theme brings me in a special mood…

I’ve made this song for project from my good friend erwin. He makes a book with really old photographs from an old school in latvia. He found a bunch of photo-negatives while he was traveling around and decided to make a book about the history of the land, especially about the war past. he has chosen 10 of the negatives and asked 10 musicians to chose one of the photos, and make a song for it. these songs will be integrated in the book on real (oldschool) tape.
anyway, here is my song: „commander“ and the picture. many thanks for this inspiring project and i’m proud to be one of the chosen musicians.

crazy beats on crazy days … and wiped out …